The Ashford Estate Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have an after-hours party in the Estate?
An after-hours party in the Library can be arranged by the caterer. All noise ordinances must be adhered to.
What are the closest airports to The Ashford Estate?
  • Trenton Mercer Airport: (609) 882-1601 – approximately 35 minutes drive
  • Philadelphia International Airport: (215) 937-6937 – approximately 1 ½ hours drive
  • Newark Liberty International Airport: (973) 961-6600 – approximately 1 ½ hours drive
What is the capacity in the ballroom?
The ballroom holds up to 275 guests.
What style are the ballroom chairs?
The Ashford Estate has gold chiavari chairs with ivory cushions.
What types of tables are in the ballroom?
The tables seat up to 12 guests and are 72″ round.
What types of candles are permitted at The Ashford Estate?
All candles must be smokeless and drip less. All candles must be contained, no tapers or freestanding candles. All local fire code laws must be adhered to.
Can I have a ceremony rehearsal in the Chapel?
Ceremony rehearsals in the Chapel can be arranged. Please call The Ashford Estate to schedule.
What time is Check In?
Check In is at 2:00 PM the day of the wedding
What time is Check Out?
Check Out is at 11:00 AM the day after the wedding
How do I obtain specific measurements of The Ashford Estate?
We are happy to provide the commonly requested measurements at The Ashford Estate. Please ask an Ashford Estate representative for details.
Can we drop off items before the wedding?
You are welcome to drop off items the week of your wedding. Please call your Ashford Estate Representative to schedule your drop offs.
Can we have fireworks at The Ashford Estate?
Fireworks are strictly prohibited at Ashford Estate.
Does The Ashford Estate have handicap accessibility?
The Ashford Estate is fully handicap accessible. Suite three is handicap accessible.
Can we rent heaters for the Veranda or the Chapel?
Heater Rentals for the Veranda and Chapel can be arranged through your Ashford Estate Representative.
How do we obtain our Marriage License?
Residents of New Jersey apply for marriage licenses in the town in which they live.
Out of state residents call apply for a marriage license at the Upper Freehold Township Office, 609-758-7738 to make an appointment.
The bride or groom must call; no one else may call for them.
You must bring with you a raised seal birth certificate or a current passport and a witness.
Does The Ashford Estate have overnight staff on property?
The Ashford Estate has a Manager on the premise for your convenience 24 hours.
What is The Ashford Estate’s noise ordinance?
There is no playing of music outside the main house after 11:00 p.m.
Can we schedule a Self-Tour to show our family and friends?
We encourage you to visit The Ashford Estate as often as you would like. Please call The Ashford Estate at (609) 208-0404 to schedule a self-tour, or request a tour online.
What is the smoking policy?
The Ashford Estate is a no smoking facility. There is no smoking in the interior of the premises.
How can we arrange valet parking?
The caterer can arrange for valet or directional parking. Please consult the Ashford Estate Representative for details.
Having trouble accessing the website?
The Ashford Estate is committed to ensuring our services and website are accessible to individuals with disabilities. We will continue to improve our website to follow Americans with Disabilities Act standards. Please be aware that our efforts are ongoing. You may call us at 609-494-9100 with any questions regarding ADA accessibility issues, including issues accessing this website.

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